Cartel Queen (Feb 28th 2022)

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( Limited copies. Releases Feb 28, 2022)

On the beautiful island of Anguilla, a woman with a checkered past has retired from a life of crime. She is now raising her son, trying to spare him of the ills that her former life provided. However, in a blink of an eye it all changes....

When a wealthy tourist gets entangled with her son, it’s forces Aries to show who she really is and her old connections are called.

This smart, slow burn, island thriller brings out the devil that one knows but will surely find out about. The mental chess game played leads up to a unique ending no one can see coming.

JaQuavis Coleman, author of the cartel series, starts a new branch to the family tree known as the cartel. He manages to turn the beautiful Caribbean into dark place with his new masterpiece.... Cartel Queen.