(Autographed) Stiletto Agreement

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Looking into the starlit skies of Paris, two women sip champagne out of long stem flute glasses, celebrating a great plan executed. They both felt so liberated, so free, and the fact that they were splitting two million dollars was the cherry on top.

The odd couple would have never thought that they would be rejoicing with one another and especially not under the circumstances. One was a wife…the other a mistress. Both to the same man. However, this wasn’t an ordinary man. The man I’m referring to was the son of a powerful businessman, the heir to the throne, none other than Maceo Harlem.
As the story unravels, more layers are exposed and while Maceo is held for ransom, a mental game of cat and mouse begins to play out. Within these 72 hours, sex, manipulation, lies, and altered plans all occurs which leads to an explosive, unpredictable ending.